Darius – “Helios” featuring Wayne Snow

Anyone who was alive and living in the UK with access to a TV back in 2001 will think one thing when they hear the name Darius. They'll think of Darius Danesh, the smug-faced, ponytailed wannabe with questionable facial folicals, who auditioned for Popstars—a precursor to American Idol—with this stunning renditon of "Baby One More Time." Oooh those clicks! What's incredible is this guy went on to release two records. Count em! 

Anyhoo! Dunno what happened to Darius Danesh (I'm sure google will help with that query if you're really interested), but there is a new Darius on the block who utilizes finger clicks in a way that's cool and percussive. He's the antithesis of the latterday Darius.

This Darius is a French producer chap who's reworked everyone from Bondax to Flight Facilities to MØ. Here's he's got Wayne Snow up in the mix for a minimal cut of R&B. Sampha and SBTRKT and Erik Hassle fans take note. 

"Give me an hour / Before we split," he sings. Let that tug at you. The last time always tastes so fucking sweet.


Darius European Tour Dates:

21st March – Reflektor – Liege

27th March – Magazine Club – Lille

10th April – XOYO – London

11th April – CBE – Cologne

30th May – The Nest – London

5th June – Club Studio – Tallin

18th July – Buiten Westen – Amsterdam

28th August – Decks on the Beach – Beirut

Darius' Helios EP is out on Roche Musique on 4.20. Pre-order! 


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