Daphni – “Vikram”

Dan Snaith has a reputation to uphold. He’s the shimmering, evasive force behind Caribou, one of the best and most beloved electronic music acts of our time. But as beloved musicians know, that shit can get old. Working in a single aesthetic and maintaing the grace and dignity of a band’s sound takes a lot of effort, and as much as it’s an art to nail that instantly recognizable sound, it can also be confining. Enter Daphni, Snaith’s more dancefloor-centric, zippy musical alter ego. It’s decidedly not Caribou, which is one of the best things about Daphni, but it’s still obviously Snaith. From the plush way each the beat hits every meticulously placed sample in “Vikram” to the overarching sense of balance in the track. As Daphni, Snaith builds and stacks elements like a Jenga tower, playing with tension, gravity and sliding parts like the masterful technician that he is. Listen below and grab a free download.

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