Danny Brown + Clams Casino – “Worth It”

It just makes sense to get excited when you see the names “Danny Brown” and “Clams Casino” next to each other. The two have teamed up on a new track called “Worth It,” which they’ve contributed to this summer’s Adult Swim Singles series. And it’s a heavy one, a song that gives an absolutely unadulterated version of both artists’ wildly different aesthetics. The Clams Casino track is only nominally a rap beat; really, it’s a way-out gurgle-bomb that pays little attention to flow or meter. Meanwhile, Brown’s vocal is in full extreme-yap territory, and it works like an electric shock. Nobody is going to be zoning out to this song. Pitchfork posted the track, and you can hear it below.

You can download the track right here, along with all this summer’s other Adult Swim singles.

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