D.R.A.M. – “$” (Feat. Donnie Trumpet)

The Virginia sing-rapper D.R.A.M. released his #1Epic EP way the hell back in March, and his song “Cha Cha” has blown the hell up since then. Just last weekend, Drake used the track as the basis for his “Hotline Bling.” And D.R.A.M. also had a memorable appearance on Surf, the new album from Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment; he got the song “Caretaker” all to himself. So maybe that’s why Donnie Trumpet just showed up on a new version of “$,” a different track from #1Epic, as Pitchfork points out. It’s a lovely, lilting take on the song, and you can hear it below.

#1Epic is out now at iTunes.

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