curl up – “pet u”

New York producer curl up loves cats. His Facebook profile photo is a picture of him holding his cat, the cover of his latest single has a cat curled up on a bed, and the music is tagged with “cats r the cutest” on Soundcloud. “Pet u” is a melodic EDM track that sounds like anime or video-game music. Curl up sculpts a scene that starts calmly and builds up speed before it slowly decrescendos into an uplifting finish. You could even equate the song to the way cats react when you try to pet them: a bit unsure and timid at the beginning, then they go wild, and eventually calm down, slowly curling up into a little ball beside you, with a reassuring purr. The song has a hashtag dedication to curl up’s cat: #4cordelia<3. Listen and grab the track below.

curl up’s winternet EP is out 9/07 via Hot Mom USA.

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