Count Counsellor – “Disco Dodo”

Count Counsellor is a UK producer who specializes in a hazy, soulful sound that evokes “young Stevie Wonder” or “an illustrated film drawn by Maurice Sendak.” (He name-checks quite a few other artists in a mini-manifesto that you can check out over on the premiere we did for “Cloud Calls.”) Today he’s released a new song called “Disco Dodo,” full of the same glimmering grooves. It’s got the euphoria of a Skylar Spence track, but never kicks up into that kind of maximalism. Instead, it swirls like a dreamy fog descending upon a beach, floating in the mist somewhere between air and sea. Listen below.

Count Counsellor & The Childhood Heroes EP will be out 7/24 via Quality Time.

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