Could Nicki Minaj Be Dropping New Music Tonight?

Is Nicki releasing new music tonight?


Over a week has passed since Remy Ma dropped her second diss “Another One” targeting Nicki Minaj. The two have been at the center of social media mediums for a while now, headlining in many news articles across the web.


Now, through another set of cryptic messages, it looks like Nicki will be releasing some new music. It is unsure whether or not this will be a response to Remy Ma’s tracks or simply new material. This being said, last night, Power 106 radio’s Letty turned to Twitter in order to notify fans that Nicki will be dropping a song. The tweet read “You’re gonna wanna hear this LA.” Letty then changed the date to later on tonight but has deleted both tweets ever since.


Also, on the same night as Letty’s tweets, DJ Justin shared his excitement by posting the following on Twitter as well : “Hope everyone is awake tonight!!!! We got something!! @djsourmilk let’s go!! @Power106LA.”


On top of all of this, less than 24 hours ago, The Shade Room posted a picture of Nicki’s mixer/engineer in Paris in front of a sound board. This can be the final clue to the puzzle. A lot of us assumed that Nicki was simply in Paris to enjoy and attend Fashion week, but it seems like Young Money’s top female rapper has another set of plans in mind.


Whatever the case may be, it is strongly suggested to tune in to Power 106 radio tonight in order to see what Nicki Minaj has in stores for us.

Mike Hawk
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