Clearance – “You’ve Been Pre-Approved” (First Listen)

As a newer band, you can’t do much better than following in the footsteps of Pavement, and Clearance do that (and more) with an admirable flair. It’s good old-fashioned alt-rock, and the Chicago foursome know what they’re doing, and know how to leave you satisfied by a song’s end. They’re getting ready to release their debut full-length, Rapid Rewards, in the fall, and are kicking things off with “You’ve Been Pre-Approved,” a catchy track that leaks a certain smarm. “Look me in the eye, how could I lead you astray?” they ask. “Some restrictions apply, but they’d never apply to you/ Some restrictions apply, never mind you’ve got nothing to lose/ You’ve been pre-approved.” It could be written from the perspective of a financial advisor looking to make a quick buck, or it could be a romantic entanglement — either way, their both negotiations of a sort. Listen below.

Rapid Rewards is coming out in September via Tall Pat Records/Unsatisfied Records. They’re playing Shea Stadium this Saturday with Lost Boy ?, Leapling, and Mumblr, and Cake Shop on Sunday with Fern Mayo, Peaer, and Bluffing.

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