Chris Brown Sends More Shots At Soulja Boy

Chris Brown clowns Soulja Boy in a new Instagram post.

Breezy and Soulja Boy continue to battle it out on social media before their big fight

Chris Brown took to Instagram Monday as he continues to one up Soulja Boy in the ongoing battle. In a short clip you can see comedian DeRay Davis making fun of Soulja as he recreates the Atlanta rapper’s recent visit to Compton. The comedian/actor goes on to say “Yo they say DeRay no celebrity. Deray be out here. I’m Hollywood. Yo what’s up homie,” before getting pushed away by Breezy, much like the incident in Compton.


Breezy is not the only one taking shots at young Soulja as the internet has been doing it all week even giving it a name #SouljaBoyChallenge.


These two emcees have been going at it for a while now as a lead to their highly anticipated upcoming boxing match in Dubai. Watch the aforementioned videos below.


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