Chris Brown Bails Migos Party Before Cops Show Up

Police broke up a Migos Mansion Party yesterday but Chris Brown had already left.


Chris Brown & Vanessa Vargas Attended A Party Hosted By Migos Last Night In Beverly Hills

Chris Brown was in attendance of Migos‘ private “Black Tie Grammys” mansion Party on Saturday in Beverly Hills. The address was listed therefore, 1 500 people showed up to turn up and celebrate the best of music in 2016.

Chris Brown went to the event with Vanessa Vargas but did not seem to be very interested in his date because he was spotted sitting on the lap of an unknown blond woman most of the night, while his girl was keeping an eye on him from a distance.

Cops interrupted the Grammy fun when an unknown phone call was placed. Before the officers made it to Migos’ residence, Chris Brown had bailed. It is not known if Brown took it upon himself to notify Vargas before leaving the event or if he made a run for it solo.



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