Chief Keef – “Bouncin”

The polarizing Chicago rap enigma Chief Keef released his fascinating Bang 3 mixtape earlier this year, and he’s already announced plans to follow it up with something called Bang 3 Pt. 2. What a puzzling title! Why not just Bang 4? Does the Bang franchise need to be protected like that? Is this one part of the Bang canon or not? In any case, Keef has also shared the dark, hypnotic, self-produced first single “Bouncin.” It’s a bottom-heavy banger with a demonic melodic glint and some truly strange gun-related lyrics: “I think my chopper gay cuz it came out the closet / I call my chopper Ye cuz he have went to college.” Listen below.

Bang 3 Pt. 2 is coming out 9/18.

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