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Cazzette Comes “Together” For Sexy New Single

If there’s one thing that Swedish duo Cazzette have shown us over the last two years, it’s their unparalleled ability to produce great music, to adapt and to continue making great music. From “Beam Me Up’ to “Sleepless” to “Blind Heart”, they’ve shown us a different side with each and every release. Their wide range of musical styles also translate to the stage, where they pump out some of most interesting, diverse and energetic sets, whether a club or festival.

“We always try to reinvent ourselves as producers and not create obvious follow-ups; therefore, we wanted to create individual songs that have their own sound and feel,” they say. “We are moving more towards music that one would enjoy both at home and on a dance floor, unlike our early sound.” – Cazzette

“Together” is their sexy new single, and with it’s undoubtedly catchy hook “If I’m going to stay here for the night, would you let me stay until the morning?”, it’s straight to the point. From seductive piano riffs to a funky and wild drop, it perfectly sums early morning sex in beautifully artistic manner.

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