Captured Tracks Is Releasing An Album From Ben Stiller’s Forgotten ’80s Punk Band

When Ben Stiller was a teenager, he played drums in a quirked-out punk band called Capital Punishment. The trio released one album, 1982’s Roadkill, a piece of music that freely employs both fake British accents and Captain Beefheart scraggle-growls. The album’s songs found their way to YouTube, and last year, word got around that Stiller was in talks to release the album. Today, we get word that Captured Tracks is planning to reissue Roadkill. Below, listen to Stiller telling Howard Stern. Also, listen to a couple of songs from Roadkill and try to tell me they don’t sound like an even-more-out-of-it Foxygen.

No word yet on when this will come out, but now you know a few thing sabout Derek Zoolander that you didn’t know before.

via Stereogum

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