Cancers – “Missed” (First Listen)

I’ve always found it interesting that cancer is both a horrific disease and an astrological sign — one of those weird etymological quirks of the English language that we’ve all grown up with and paid little mind to. Either sense of the word could be used to describe Cancers the band — “Missed” metastasizes in your mind and is hard to get out, and it’s also unpredictable, insecure, and temperamental. The new single from the Athens, GA-based duo represents a break from what they’ve done before, a shift away from the more straight-forward grunge of their debut album, Fatten The Leeches, in favor of a noisier and more chaotic direction. Punishing drum machine loops give it a cavernous feeling, Lenny Miller’s voice reflects back on itself and paints a picture of abject loneliness. It’s distorted and messy; a gnarly, twisted thing that heaves around with little regard for form, interested more in function. It’s really great. Listen below.

Cancers’ new 7″ “Missed” b/w “Helpless” is out 6/9 on Debt Offensive Records.

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