Brandon Flowers – “Can’t Deny My Love”

While The Killers are on hiatus, Brandon Flowers is returning to his solo career, and that means a tilt toward pop. The Killers had plenty of their own big, hooky choruses but still had a brittle rock backbone even during their most high-octane moments. Flowers is working with Ariel Rechtshaid on the follow-up to his 2010 debut solo album Flamingo, and the first single “Can’t Deny My Love” is a burst of brooding synth funk. Say what you want about “Get Lucky,” but it seems to have infiltrated the pop hive mind in a lasting way. Flowers has one of those divisive voices that you either love or hate, and I’ve always loved his bellowing pitch-perfect dramatics, so this song works for me. He hasn’t been shy about vying for radio rotation, and these pop histrionics seem well-suited for that. Listen below.

The Desired Effect is out 5/18 on Island.

via Stereogum

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