Bossie – “There Will Be Time” (First Listen)

Bossie is Toronto pop artist Anne Douris. She got some positive attention for last year’s “Meteor,” a bass-driven groove that managed to be both wildly fun and deeply wistful, especially when paired with its humorous, glittery video. She’s getting ready to make her live debut next month, and it’s preceded by another excellent single called “There Will Be Time.” There are traces of Blondie in the way Bossie’s breathy vocals navigate the verse’s dark-tinged synth-bass undercurrent, but the roller-rink chorus is all Cyndi Lauper. It’s one of those genius pop songs that feels like an explosion of bright colors and good feelings. Listen below, where you’ll also find the “Meteor” video.

Bossie’s debut performance is 9/10 in Toronto at the Smiling Buddha.

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