Blacklisters – “Cash Cow” (First Listen)

Some songs swallow you whole and spit you back out in a matter of minutes, leaving you numb and restless and eager for more. “Cash Cow” is one of those songs. The first single off of Leeds-based noise punk quartet Blacklisters’s forthcoming record initiates with a roar that doesn’t slow until the close. There are few moments of reprieve to be found between Billy Mason-Wood’s smirking lyrics, but the tempo churns and relents, rapidly spanning a variety of sonic landscapes. Blacklisters will release their sophomore album, Adult, this coming fall in both the UK and US. Listen to “Cash Cow” below.

Adult is out in the UK in September via Smalltown America and in the US on 10/16 via Handshake, Inc (vinyl) and Exploding in Sound (cassette).

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