Bishop Nehru – “Bishy In Japan 16 (Knowing Nothing)”

Last we heard from teenage New York rapper Bishop Nehru, he’d teamed up with the iconic underground rap crusader Doom to release the collaborative album NehruvianDOOM. It was a good look, and when a newcomer elicits attention from a heavyweight like Doom, people sit up and take notice. Now, Nas has taken Nehru under his wing, and the teenager is readying his solo debut under careful tutelage. But before that full-length, he’s releasing The Nehruvian EP, a batch of eight raw tracks that wouldn’t work on the album itself. Between “Harmony In A Glass” and the brand new “Bishy In Japan 16 (Knowing Nothing),” it sounds like Bishop is still splitting the difference between an Odd Future flow and the classic, jazzy New York production he’s always favored. This one was produced by BudaMunk and is, pretty obviously, a reflection on the rapper’s time in Japan. Listen below.

The Nehruvian EP is out 5/11 via Mass Appeal Records.

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