Bikini Kill – “Playground”

Next month, the great American punk rock band Bikini Kill will reissue Revolution Girl Style Now!, the 1991 demo cassette that was the first thing they ever released. The reissue includes three unreleased songs, and right now, we get to hear “Playground,” one of those songs. It’s a slow, riff-heavy stomper that might actually be the most straight-up grungy song the band ever recorded. (We’re talking grungy in the way that their Pacific Northwestern neighbors the Melvins were grungy. It doesn’t sound like Alice In Chains or whatever.) The song is a powerful piece of work and a reminder of what a force Bikini Kill were, even early on. Rolling Stone just shared the song, and you can listen below.

Revolution Girl Style Now! is out 9/22 via Bikini Kill Records. Preorder it here.

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