Big Awesome – “Wolf” (First Listen)

Bands need to stop hiding from the “emo” label and just embrace it. In a culture that rewards hyper-masculinity, being unabashedly emotional is counter-cultural and should be considered cool. Big Awesome’s Colin Czerwinski says he “doesn’t mind it when his band is described as emo,” but he doesn’t like the negative sentiments that go along with it. “Wolf” is a single from the South Carolina band’s debut full-length Party On, and it definitely marks them as a “Band To Know From The Emo Revival.” It’s got pretty but sad guitars and a yell-crying white dude (I say this with love). Big Awesome can fly the emo flag proudly knowing they’ve created something great. Listen below.

Party On is out 8/7 on Jetsam-Flotsam. You can preorder it here.

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