Beyonce Faces Lawsuit For Her “Formation” Video

She is being sued for $20 million for allegedly using a line from a famous Youtube star.


Beyonce accused of stealing line from famous Youtuber

Beyonce has been definitely been making a lot of headlines lately. Recently, the beautiful singer got the record for most liked post in Instagram history. All thanks to a picture of her round belly, where she revealed to be pregnant with twins.

Today, Jay-Z‘s wife was hit with a lawsuit for a sample used in her “Formation” track. At the beginning of this clip, one can clearly hear the sentence: “What happened after New Orleans? Bitch, I’m back. By popular demand.”


These words were first spoken by YouTube star, Anthony Barre aka Messy Mya, who was killed in 2010. According to his sister, Queen B used these famous words without authorization, and is now facing a $20 million lawsuit. It’s too early to tell how far this case will go but Beyonce does not need the added stress right now with a baby on the way.

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