Beat Connection – “Illusion”

I always think Seattle doesn’t get enough credit for the variety of music that emerges from the city. When most people think of the Pacific Northwest, they usually think of grunge or riot grrrl, which are both great things! But acts like Beat Connection prove my point. This dance-rock quartet concocts seriously intuitive, irrepressible electro-pop songs like “Illusion.” Skipping through handclaps and synth twinkles, a wild Nile Rodgers-worthy funk guitar solo appears out of nowhere, elevating “Illusion” from mood-brightening synth pop to a full-fledged blaze. This song follows “Another Go Round” as the second song off the group’s forthcoming new album; no official word yet on when that’s coming, but it will be sometime this year. If you’re not won over yet, check out the Derelicte-inspired artwork above — not only are they great musicians, but these guys have a great sense of humor, too. Listen below.

Beat Connection’s sophomore album is due out sometime in 2015.

via Stereogum

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