Baloji – “Capture” (Feat. Petite Noir & Muanza) Video

Baloji is a Congolese rapper who now lives in Belgium, but constantly returns to his native country. He self-directed his new video for “Capture” along with Olugbenga Adelekan/OLU (of Metronomy) and shot the entire thing in Congo with Yannick Ilunga (aka Petite Noir) and Muanza. “Capture” is the first song off his forthcoming EP 64 Bits & Malachite which will be out this October. The story of the video follows Baloji and his crew as they attempt to track down a lost statue of HM Stanley, a British explorer who navigated the route of the Congo river to the sea. In the process, they also came upon performance collective Kongo Astronauts who are featured toward the end. Baloji raps in French, but the video is presented with subtitles, and levels some scathing, poetic critiques at the way capitalism and colonialism intersect with the personal experience of those living in African nations. Watch below.

64 Bits & Malachite EP is out in October via Universal France.

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