Babes – “Life Come Into Me” Video (First Listen)

Last time we wrote about L.A.-based Babes, they were really turned on. Apparently, the five-piece is still revved up because their new video, directed by Sarah Hamblin, features a handful of men (possibly the band members) dancing suggestively in slow-motion, wearing speedos and assless chaps. The men appear to be auditioning for something in front of unamused singer Sarah Rayne Leigh, whose inner monologue corresponds with the song’s melancholy “life is pointless” lyrical theme. The only glimmer of interest Leigh shows is when one speedoed man shows up and covers himself in gold glitter, but promptly pisses her off by throwing silver glitter in her face. Leigh then lunges at him, still in slow motion, and rips off his mustache. End scene. Under this ruckus lies the band’s oozingly slow synth and Leigh’s timeless voice. Around 1:45, the video also features a short cameo from Leigh’s ex-boyfriend Harris Wittels, the late comedian, actor, and writer, best known for his work on Parks And Recreation. Watch.

Here is a statement from the band about the video:

If you want life to come into you the way we do then you will understand what is going on in our video
Popsicle gems that you suck on a hot day
Smashing mouth first into a cut watermelon
Your best friend shaking his dong and looking good
Touching someone that you might be falling in love with
Coyote in the middle of the street on a very drunk evening
Dejavu that is really too true for you to even be you
Grabbing all you can get and never talking about it again, ever, ever, to anyone
Or you can just listen to the lyrics, like this shit is Shakespeare

Catch Babes on tour:

08/10 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
09/09 Portland, OR @ Doug Fir
09/11 San Francisco, CA @ Brick & Mortar
09/12 Los Angeles, CA @ The Lyric

Untitled (Five Tears) is out October 30 on Barsuk Records.

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