Astronauts, etc. – “Shake It Loose”

All of Astronaut etc.’s songs contain a lot of soul, but “Shake It Off” may be the one with the most heart from what we’ve heard so far. It’s another cut from the Oakland band’s upcoming debut full-length, Mind Out Wandering, released on the heels of a strong run of singles including “I Know,” “Eye To Eye,” and “No Justice.” Anthony Ferraro’s voice sounds as sultry as ever, lamenting how his head is so tied up in knots that he can’t figure out what to say or how to say it. Some of that confused nature translates over to the music itself, which operates in a kind of psyched-out drift, and cuts out before it settles in for too long. Listen below.

Mind Out Wandering is out 9/18 via Hit City USA.

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