Ariel Pink – “I Need A Minute”

L.A.-based destroyed pop experimentalist Ariel Pink contributed a new song to the movie Heaven Knows What. The film is based on Arielle Holmes’ forthcoming memoir about heroin addiction, Mad Love In New York City, and features a groggy, puppet voice that’s been deeply pitch-shifted voice and mostly sings “I need a minute / I need a minute” over and over. While that might sound too bizarre to be comforting, it oddly is, and the plinky synths and slow drum loop earmark this as a definitively Pink production.

Holmes and Caleb Landry-Jones star in the film, but Pink almost played the role that eventually went to Landry-Jones. Pink does make a cameo in the movie, and he reportedly made approximately 45 minutes of music for it, though all only this track made the cut. It will be released digitally and as a 7″.

The film was directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, and will be out 5/29 in New York and Los Angeles and in the rest of the country in June. You can watch a trailer below and stream Pink’s new song at Pitchfork.

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