Annabel – “Having It All”

There are some bands that remind you of the day-to-day struggles of being a teenager, and there are others that remind you of what it felt like to handle those often trying situations. The first three singles off of Annabel’s forthcoming record, Having It All, fit into the latter category. Nothing about their music sounds like the preferred soundtrack of my coming-of-age, but somehow, songs like “Having It All” shuffle into my subconscious and pick out little bits and pieces of memories that feel distinctly adolescent, like walking 40+ blocks home in the fog because I had a shitty day and not enough money to pay the bus fare. There’s an open-handed, earnest appeal to Annabel’s music that could underscore a confession of love or a temper tantrum. Listen to Having It All‘s first two singles, “Another Day, Another Vitamin” and “Everything,” then listen to the album’s title track below.

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Having It All is out 6/9 via Tiny Engines.

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