Animal Collective Announce Live At 9:30 Album

Animal Collective are not the kind of band I usually describe as “Dylanesque,” but one thing they have in common with Bob is a tendency to de- and reconstruct their material in the live setting. That makes them one of the few bands for whom a live album suggests infinite possibilities. Perhaps realizing that, the group will release a recording of their 6/12/13 gig at Washington, DC’s storied 9:30 Club, the culmination of a three-night run. The 3xLP set is their first live album since 2002’s Hollinndagain, a collection of 2001 recordings from when Animal Collective was a completely different band. Incidentally, Live At 9:30 is the second Animal Collective album to pay tribute to a prominent Maryland-area music venue, which makes sense: The band’s roots are in nearby Baltimore, and their music has always carried the feeling of a frantic escape back into childhood. Hear the new live recording of Feels classic “Did You See The Words?” below.

Animal Collective’s Geologist on seeing shows at the 9:30 Club growing up:

Growing up in Baltimore, we’ve been seeing shows at 9:30 for over 20 years, back to when the building was called WUST. First time was Pavement in 1994. Always one of our favorite places to see shows, and always one of the most fun places to play a show. Unless the power goes out.


01 “Amanita”
02 “Did You See the Words”
03 “Honeycomb”
04 “My Girls”
05 “Moonjock”
06 “New Town Burnout”
07 “I Think I Can”
08 “Pulleys”
09 “What Would I Want? Sky”
10 “Peacebone”
11 “Monkey Riches”
12 “Brothersport”
13 “The Purple Bottle”

Live At 9:30 is out Domino. Pre-order the 3xLP version at the Animal Collective store or Domino Mart, or get the digital pre-order at iTunes.

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