Angel Haze – “Impossible”

Earlier this year Angel Haze released a pair of devastating, emotional tracks: the gorgeous, white-hot romance of “Candlxs” and its fiery breakup companion “Gxmes.” Haze said that these two loosies would be on an upcoming EP called In The Winter Of Wet Years, and perhaps her next new song “Impossible” is an indication that we’ll be getting that EP soon. But it’s totally different from the other two — and from her 2014 collaboration with Sia. Instead, it’s a return to her signature harsh-as-hell staccato form. Over huge clattering beats and an earthquake of fuzz, she’s going a million miles an hour fueled by sneering spirituality: “Sorry I’m crazy / But I opened my third eye / And the view is amazing.” She also ventures into scathing indictment of America’s racial politics (“I got my middle finger up to white America”) and the enormous piston-like hook comes crashing down again and again with force and fury. Listen.

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