Amy Bezunartea – “Oh The Things A Girl Must Do”

When we spoke with Amy Bezunartea, the NYC lo-fi singer-songwriter explained that her album New Villain isn’t about being the bad guy so much as staying woke, “refusing to just be complacent and allow so many things to just happen to you.” In fact, on new single “Oh The Things A Girl Must Do,” she utters some striking words in response to being mindlessly wined and dined: “And the worst part of it is/ I am good, I’m actually good/ I’m so much more than this.” The song is a spare lament about the trifles of life as a woman, just Bezunartea’s voice and some barely-there guitar chords. In the context of such naked balladry, her words are bound to stand out, but she really makes them count here. (“They all want the pussy, but they don’t like the smell” FTW.) The melodies, too, manage to sound defeated while absolutely soaring. Listen below.

New Villain is out 9/25 on Kiam.

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