Alleged Jay Z “4:44” Album Tracklist Surfaces Online

Alleged tracklist for Jay-z’s “4:44” album which is set to drop tonight.


It must be said that Hova cultivates a certain sense of secrecy vis-à-vis his new album. Yesterday, we saw a video named “Kill Jay Z”, presenting a young boy wearing a t-shirt with the inscription “Stay Black”, and that gives the impression of fleeing something. The video ends with the release date of “4:44” on June 30, exclusively on the streaming service Tidal, the competitor of Spotify and Apple Music, which also includes most of Jay’s albums. Note that the subscribers of the American operator Sprint will also be offered the album.


Moments ago, an alleged tracklist surfaced the internet and it looks pretty legit. If it proves to be true, the features on the album look amazing, ranging from Kendrick Lamar & Kanye West to Travis Scott and Chance The Rapper. Take a look at the alleged tracklist below.

  1. Voice
  2. War On Terror
  3. Till (featuring Kendrick Lamar & Kanye West)
  4. Kevlar Tux (featuring André 3000)
  5. Garda to Comerica
  6. Black Hoodie (featuring Travis Scott)
  7. Adnis
  8. Baby, Baby (featuring Chance The Rapper)
  9. Stones
  10. Hold The Cream (featuring Swizz Beatz & Future)
  11. Ring Around
  12. untitled
  13. Big Woulda Said…
  14. 4:44 (featuring Beyoncé)


As a reminder, Shawn Carter has not released an album since “Magna Carta Holy Grail” in 2013. The expectation aroused by “4:44” is all the more understandable as many rumors surround it. There was talk of a joint album between Jay-Z and his wife, a “visual” album modeled on Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”, the participation of producer Swizz Beatz, and also that of Damian Marley. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: the artist’s thirteenth album is more than ever anticipated by his peers and his audience.

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