Alice Glass Is Back With Her Newest Single Titled “Stillbirth”

After the heartbreaking split of Crystal Castles, I thought it was the end of Alice Glass. When she posted her new track titled “Stillbirth,” I was both shocked and thrilled to be proven wrong. The tune is dark, raw, and incredibly emotional. Glass posted a statement about the track, explaining how the inspiration for the song came from her personal experience of leaving an abusive relationship. You can read the full statement here.

“I want young women and young men to understand that this kind of treatment of others can happen where it might be least expected. Even in environments that thrive on creativity and open-mindedness, that advocate artistic and counter-culture ideals. Sometimes people will use these things to camouflage themselves so that their abuse might go unnoticed.”

To push her message even further, all proceeds of digital purchases will be donated to organizations aimed to help survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence, and incest. “Stillbirth” is the first single off of Glass’s newest album, and I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve. This is definitely not the end of Alice Glass, but instead, just the beginning.

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