A Pregnant Light – “No Longer N 2 U” Video (First Listen)

A Pregnant Light isn’t the same black metal band it was a few years ago, and it’s surely more appealing to a wider audience because of it. And while Damian Master, the lone force behind A Pregnant Light, has taken us on compelling journeys through shoegaze, hardcore, metal, and punk over the course of 14 splits and EPs and a full-length at this point, it’s all coming together in a palpably tighter way on “No Longer N 2 U.”

The cheeky title sounds like something better fit for Tumblr (or a Prince record) than a metal album. But check out APL’s NSFW website (it’s a Tumblr) and Master’s always entertaining and often insightful selfie- and emoji-filled Twitter, and you’ll see it’s the self-aware vernacular he’s paired with dark, sexualized imagery and his evolving concept of “purple metal,” a genre tag he coined for APL. The black-and-white Americana-filled video for “No Longer N 2 U,” directed by Steven Paseshnik and Master, feels like an extension of that online APL vibe, spelled out in more than 140 characters for those who haven’t picked up on what Master’s been laying down. Watch.

“No Longer N 2 U” is the title track off a 7″ single backed with an electronic remix of “Fresh Flower Offering” from last year’s APL full length, My Game Doesn’t Have a Name. The single is available today on vinyl and as a download from Master’s own Colloquial Sound Recordings.

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